Two things, One really big thing


    I'll keep it short and simple with Two things.
    One it would be really cool if you implemented a system where I could hire mercenaries that protect my convoy, so once I hire them they automatically get paid after I leave point A and arrive at point B so they don't have to worry about me not paying them, and so I don't have to worry about not having an escort after paying.

    Two, and the important one. I am by far in no position to tell you how you should make your game, but I want to stress caution in promising too many things because doing so will cause one of two problems. The first problem being that you will end up building too much hype for your game that will never deliver, and two you might not be able to deliver what you promise and might have to disappoint fans at launch.

    Basically, I'm trying to say that you being an indie team will probably face many obstacles the closer launch day comes, and people are way more forgiving to a developer that was honest when they messed up than with one like Bless who kept on lying and lying to their players about features that they will have.


    @flamerunner We thought that there would be special Guild of mercenaries and any orders for the protection of caravans.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @Flamerunner: Yes your last point is very important. Dynamight Studios is until now very open to many ideas everybody from the community have. But we need to be honest and say, that we players cnnot expect everything implemented and also the developer team (especially this small one) may not add all features they would like to add. So as far as @Prometheus is showing the progress and keeping us up to date, it will also be nice to keep on giving information of things that are not working at the moment.
    Until now, this works very nice and I am looking forward to the livestream, so I am sure that we all have the chance, to maintain this level and not start to lie about features, progresses e.g. 🙂


    Yes, I totally agree, I myself understand this part because even the big developers seem to never fulfill all of their promises. I am here hoping that everyone else here in this community also understands this because it happens too many times when an actually decent MMO dies too soon because people were never willing to give it a try because too many people lost faith in the said MMO.

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