Good work


    @Prometheus I just wanted to say I think DS is doing an awesome job! despite forum concerns the KS is going good. You continue to be super responsive to the community. I am sorry you had to divert attention from actually developing the game to deal with this mornings forum issue but thank you for taking care of it. Hopefully in the future we can all be adult here in the community.

    I just wanted to give a quick pat on the back for your hard work cuz I was a little worried that today's forum antics and some of the angst over the KS might have you down a little.

    Please anyone else who feels so inclined throw a quick digital 'attaboy' below.

    if you don't have anything positive or nice to say then please don't bother to say anything at all in this thead


    @gibbx true true lets keeping the fighting to pvp

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