What games can you relate to this?


    I think Diablo and Path of exiles but it looks to seem as it plays very different.


    @tastycake I'm not sure you expected it, but still:

    There are plenty of titles that inspired us to make Fractured. In the MMO department I can name a few:

    • Ultima Online for the freedom and the emotions given by exploration.
    • Shadowbane for its town building and conquest mechanics.
    • Haven & Heart for its survival side.
    • Guild Wars 1 / 2 for its character building.
    • Vanguard for its race characterization.
    • Talking modern stuff, I could name Albion Online - or better, its dev studio Sandbox Interactive.
    • etc etc etc etc.

    Outiside of the MMO world, classic single player Action RPGs for the exciting and skill-based combat - you name them, there are so many! Tabletop games (D&d above all) and classic RPGs games (BG, Planescape) also inspired us for their character attributes, styles of magic, alignment...

    I could go on forever.

    Of course, most of the games I've mentioned are just * * inspirations* * - don't start thinking Fractured has, say, survival elements as hardcore as H & H - that's not the case ๐Ÿ˜„

    In the end, we've felt that in the sandbox MMO world there was still a lot of room for innovation and I hope what we've revealed so far and the future spotlights will convey Fractured's potential in full! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The most striking comparison - Albion Online:

    Hi denispeda-since I know Albion myself very well, I can give you an answer as dev. The most important things I can outline:
    Fractured features ARPG combat, which is quite different from Albion's Dota-like style.
    Progress is horizontal and sees no grind thanks to the Knowledge System, while Albion progress is very vertical (with resources, items and everything divided in tiers) and progress requires repeating the same action over an over for a long, long time.
    The way PvP is managed is very different - on Albion, by level (low level: green, high level: red). On Fractured, by race and planet. In fact, the whole concept of races and worlds doesn't exist in Albion.
    Interactions with the environment being very important in combat are also missing from Albion.
    We have one massive open world, it's not divided in regions.
    ...and there's a lot more I could mention. Even the graphic style is different. So like... Yeah, it's very different

    Also, the game is friendly to single players and small groups, which is not in Albion Online

    22:50 what will be in the game for solo players and small groups? (very interesting to the word)


    I would say Diablo resembles the play style, but its going to have so much more than that


    As I've pointed out in my community of Eternal Lamenters, Fractured seems to share a lot of values with the vision behind Firefall's beta, namely:

    • horizontal progression, which means:
      • veterans and people who logged in for the first time 5 minutes ago can play together without any issues,
      • open world sandbox without any level divides whatsoever,
    • a single character being able to easily switch between different classes/builds,
    • virtually all equipment being player-crafted,
    • resource gathering being an important part of the game (I'm not sure if Fractured will put an emphasis on tracking them down),
    • action-based gameplay,
    • mobs not being catatonic resource nodes that materialise in front of your eyes.

    Of course, there are also important differences, like:

    • there doesn't seem to be anything like dynamic events planned for Fractured so far (and I mean actual dynamic events, not their watered-down, extra-artificial substitute from Guild Wars 2),
    • PvP in Fractured features all flavours of open world PvP (justice-based ganking, no-holds-barred ganking, territory wars), while Firefall's beta had delusions about arena-based e-sports,
    • territory control in Fractured is a component of PvP, while in Firefall's beta it was strictly Players vs. AI Faction,
    • in Fractured, you get resources by hitting rocks with picks and trees with axes, not by calling in giant jet-powered drill (...or five) and fighting off waves of wildlife and occasional territory-conquering Strike Team...
    • ...and I don't think you'll going to locate resources by pummeling the ground with a jackhammer, either.

    What I'm trying to say: Fractured seems to fill the same niche as Firefall's beta was aiming for.


    albion online

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