Ingame Currency (Not talking about Dynamight Gold)


    Good Morning everyone.

    I've checked in topic "A compilation of everything we know about Fractured" ( and did not find any relating post regarding ingame currency.

    Are there any news about it yet?


    • I am not talking about the Dynamight Gold which is used for ingame shops to buy cosmetic items.
    • I am talking about the currency our characters will use to purchase items in NPC's/player's shops, like weapons or food.

    It would be great (finally) to expierence a RPG where characters do not get spoiled with money, and because of that items just cost thousands of thousands ingame currency.
    I mean do lords and kings in these worlds not worry about their inflation rates? 😉

    No, seriously, it would be in fact awesome - especially if this game aims to be dynamic and wants players to create economy and society - if there will not be so much ingame currency loot/drops and one gold coin would be actually worth sth ingame. And therefore, trading/exchanging items for other items would also be more reasonable in comparison to other games.

    And still if this game focused on more buying than trading, there would be still no need to create a massive inflation, so that for example 5 Gold coins in your pocket are already a solid stake.

    Or what do you think?


    @holyhong I think the gold will be scarce in the game and it will have to get for selling items on the NPC .

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