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    I don't mean to be offensive to the creators of Fractured, but I found this game through Instagram, which it caught my interest near immediately, and I am curious if there are any similar games to Fractured that I could play while waiting for either Fractured to come to a beta stage, or if I was to get very lucky and get an alpha key?

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    1. There is a similar game which is compared to Fractured, but with her fractured has a difference ( Albion Online, it is also available on Steam)

    There are plenty of titles that inspired us to make Fractured. In the MMO department I can name a few:

    • Ultima Online for the freedom and the emotions given by exploration.
    • Shadowbane for its town building and conquest mechanics.
    • Haven & Hearth for its survival side.
    • Guild Wars 1 / 2 for its character building.
    • Vanguard for its race characterization.
    • Talking modern stuff, I could name Albion Online - or better, its dev studio Sandbox Interactive.
    • etc etc etc.

    Outiside of the MMO world, classic single player Action RPGs for the exciting and skill-based combat - you name them, there are so many! Tabletop games (D&D above all) and classic RPGs games (BG, Planescape) also inspired us for their character attributes, styles of magic, alignment...

    I could go on forever.

    Of course, most of the games I've mentioned are just inspirations - don't start thinking Fractured has, say, survival elements as hardcore as H&H - that's not the case ๐Ÿ˜„

    In the end, we've felt that in the sandbox MMO world there was still a lot of room for innovation and I hope what we've revealed so far and the future spotlights will convey Fractured's potential in full! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Pre-alpha key you can get if you are in the top 100 by Fund rating ( but it is unlikely) or win in the weekly draw ( even the name of one award, you can win).

    Access to the Pre-alpha version of the game only applies to her to play after the end of the pre-alpha, you must participate in the company kickstarter

    1. To get to the alpha test, you can invest your money in Kickstarter. Here is a link to the news related to it and here is its improved version

    Pre-alpha and alpha version of the game will be available in 4Q 2018

    Sorry for my English, I use translator and hope I could answer your questions^^

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    Do also note, Albion is a lot more "grinding focused" than Fractured purports to be.


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