Will it be some mechanics with create teams (tables, invites) or it will be only the fact that i meet someone and we fight together for a while?

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    @agaton I really hope to see a party and raid system like in the most common games


    @agaton As in any MMORPG, I think they have to be here and it should not be discussed.
    Oh Yes, they will

    Will their be any bonus to gathering in a group other then the standard reasons (PvP/time)?

    Some bonuses could be as simple as 5% buff to speed, node max, or chance at rarer resources.

    There is no direct advantage such as "if two members of the same party hit the same resource node they get a bonus". However, given the limited amount of abilities your character can use at the same time and the way moving resources works in Fractured, being in a group helps a lot if you're on a "resource gathering" trip 😉

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