How should crafting armor and weapons work? how will weapon progression on material side of things?


    So i was wondering about how much control over the weapon crafting we will have and i thought i would give my idea of what i would like and be grateful to see.
    so in the initial launch will the first shields you make be wood and leather? and would you then learn new ways of making stronger or lighter shields through experience?
    I'd like it if we had to learn say from different blacksmiths around the worlds for the techniques and materials to build weapons, say depending on where you are in a world the culture would be different so the armor and guards and troops would have different styles of armor and when you see these you can try to make them and make crude versions until the player makes enough crude ones to get the technique down or will it be in the perk tree i think variation is key with armor but have a maximum on how proficiently you can make armor.
    Anyone else got some ideas ?


    specter said in What We Know About Weapons:

    Weapons and gear do have their own characteristics. I've mentioned it here and I shall mention it again in this thread.

    They do have different characteristics depending on the type of item and the material used to craft it. They could also have other parameters, such as the quality. A Bronze Platemail has different stats compared to an Iron Platemail but two Bronze Platemails are the same, yes. (aside from possible modifiers that don't impact the power of the item, such as its Quality)

    Practically all items will be crafted. You will have access to various resources like wood, metals, minerals, etc. Each race (and family) has its own unique bonuses that go well beyond attribute-related ones - and they include crafting and gathering too.

    All we know about the game + (RUS)


    yeah i was wondering if say a bronze chest plate would be weak to say blunt mace or hammer attacks as it is a soft metal whereas like i say in another post a leather shield would have a bonus against slashing attacks but not piercing as they used certain materials for certain applications and will armor degrade and break over time, use and damage taken?

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