Human karma level transformation?

  • Just a thought here. What if humans, after reaching a light level such as 9k+ or -9k, transformed? At that level, being so close to 10k, they've clearly shown their intentions in the game. I think it'd be nice to give a reward. Not so much a bonus, just a slightly different play style. Like, a good human could begin a quest, at the approval of a Beastman council (player-based or NPC?), that would send them Aboreous. The council would bless them or grant them the ability to stay on the planet for 36 real world hours, in order to infuse with the benevolent energy of the planet, and learn the ways of Beastmen. At the end of this pilgrimage/ meditation period, the human would transform and gain some abilities that focus on using the good energy and such.

    A similar story would begin for evil humans on Tartaros, but they would need to go through a series of trials at the behest of Babil.


    @rafiqi You can just lick the idea with Fable to do with good karma, a halo, and in a bad horns

  • Or go full circle - go max evil and then repent and work towards max good

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