Nesse jogo posso ser um cozinheiro?


    Tava vendo o que se pode fazer nesse jogo ai assim,eu podia ao invês de ser um aventureiro e matar monstros, posso montar uma taverna ou bar para os jogadores descansar e poder conhecer novas pessoas.Seria muito legal se possivelmente desse pra fazer isso.



    Names Aethe,
    I'm new to looking into this game, i prefer games with a decent crafting system to them with multiple aspects, eg farming/cooking, gathering and crafting, rather than the shallow buy from a vendor with tokens or have to farm creatures for hours for drops, i like to create.
    I have played BDO, TESO, Archeage and LOTRO in the past, i'm hoping that fractured will be able to fill the niche i'm chasing with a decent and meaningful system.
    Hopefully they have plans to make some posts with how their systems will be fleshed out so i can decide if this game will be for me

    Welcome Aethe! You definitely won't be disappointed by crafting in Fractured The whole economy is player-driven and based on crafting, with no grinding. Equipment will highly replaceable and there will be a hunger/thirst system, so crafters will always be pivotal in the community (within and outside guilds). Of course all of this will be covered in one of our future Feature Spotlights

    Thayn we'll have a Spotlight dedicated to crafting, as Vengu mentioned, and it would take a little too long to reply here eheh. Suffices to say, you'll definitely be able to play as a crafter only and your role will be pivotal in any guild / group.

    Dagimir definitely - not only because of the crafting system, but also given how important travel is in Fractured - check out the last paragraphs here! 🙂

    Pode ser você o que você vai encontrar



  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Espero que sim ❤

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