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    Existe áreas no mapa aberta para PvP? por exemplo,áreas com PVP off e com monstros para combater,e áreas com monstros melhores mas com PVP ativo



    that all races can becomes PKs is true to some extent. All races can be dedicated to PvP, that's for sure - you could play a Beastman character that spends most of its time hunting Demons and criminal Humans on Tartaros/Syndesia, and/or protects Arboreus. Becoming a Beastman "PK", however, is a whole different story. As I've explained elsewhere, the path that leads a Beastman to turn evil is long and includes being banished from Arboreus. We expect only real hardcore players will try that!

    Q: Is there an objective to demons invading other worlds besides causing havoc/pvp? As in would it be possible for demons to steal merchants trade items or deny other worlds a world boss/event?

    A: There are no limits to what demons can do when they invade other planets. A demon player or guild can give itself any kind of objective - be it pillaging villages, murdering and looting, or disrupting PvE events. The only areas safe from demon activities are the ones on Arboreus entirely closed off to characters with Evil alignment.

    É possível que outro lugar você vai encontrar aqui

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    @tarmiel Most of the game world is PvP. Tartaros and Syndesia are both 100% PvP.

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