The Pack


    The Pack is a collective of Beastmen. Primarily of the Udoadra, they also welcome other kin, so long as they follow and understand the law that binds The Pack.

    We are Pack first, individual second.

    When decisions are made to act as a group, the majority carries it with each having a voice. Those who stood opposed lose no respect, but are expected to play their part and not challenge the overall will. The placing of individuals over groups is what, in The Pack's eyes, led to the Fracture. It is not a mistake they intend to repeat.

    The Pack seeks to form a strong community, allowing each member to explore their own potential and decide where they belong, believing in nurturing and teaching them for both their own benefit, and the collective one.


    This is a RP focused guild, allowing roleplayers interested in playing Beastmen to find like minded souls. 🙂

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Welcome, Retias. Great to see another RP-focused guild in our midst. Best of luck with the Pack.

    We are currently running an open roleplay in the off-topic section called The Arcanist's Mill, and we would certainly welcome an Udoadra to travel with us 🙂


    I think I may just take you up on that offer. 🙂


    I should stress, this is open to all Beastmen. It may be worth me making that more clear in the summary.


    Two members in, always looking for more. 🙂


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