Races, Strengths & Weaknesses


    What will be the sub races to the main 3 (Demon, Human and Beastman)? And what will there strengths and weaknesses be? Is a Human balanced, is a Demon attack based and is a Beastman a tank? Or is it different and there are no race differences? Is EVERYTHING knowledge based?

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    Recently they released a Feature Spotlight on the Races.

    In this they detail out the three sub races as

    Charda (Tiger-Kin), Udoadra (Wolf-Kin), and Nheedra (Bear-Kin), and Erwydra (Hart-Kin) for the beastmen;

    Blood Demons (Vampires), Shadow Demons (Nightmares), and Hellfire Demons (Infernals)

    And humans, being human.

    Lots more info in the link including initial archetype leanings of the various sub races.


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