Like Albion

  • My question is simple. Albion online boasted several similar features. Classless system, player driven economy, that sort of thing. How is this gane going to differentiate itself or improve on the Albion formula to become a success?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    1. No grind for xp, but exploration for knowledge

    2. No power gap from gear, gear is situational

    3. No endgame that is FFA pvp with full loot, but three planets on one worldwide server with their own ruleset (PvE, PvP with restrictions, FFA pvp with full loot)

    4. Settlement sieges

    For more info on the above read the devblogs on the Fractured website


    The dev's might actually listen to the core-community in this game and actually fix bugs and give us updates we need to help guilds grow.

    Oh and the other things listed above. 😉

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