Guild Treasury.


    Guild Treasury.
    I would like that there would be a possibility of customization and the possibility of changing the mechanics of the distribution of bonuses within the guild.
    For example, a player contributes armor to the treasury of the guild and receives 150 points for that. in the guild exchange 1 point for 1 bronze, so he can get 150 bronze or take other equipment that costs 150 or less points.

    There is a desire to be able to change the values ​​of the cost of things inside the guild (for example, a thing on the market costs 100 silver, but with the help of the system we could reduce the price of all things in the guild by 10-15%, that is, in the treasury you can get a thing cheaper by 10-15% )
    and add the ability to put certain things in a section of non-lucrative and not interesting for the guild.
    in 1 case there is a separate repository, the things of which can be received only by certain persons.
    in 2 cases, the guild can add certain things to the non-interesting ones (for example, the guild has introduced helmets to the rank of no more entertaining ones and thus, if you make helmets, you do not get points for it, or you get several times less (the possibility of change is desirable)).

    Want to get rid of the guild shop by replacing it with an auction

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Yes plz, the more options the better. Make the lives of guildleaders easier, less PMs ingame, more time to do fun stuff.


    Anything that allows for complete customization of the guild's development and functions is appreciated.


    The more guild management tools, the better!

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