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    In the clans creation section, in this web, when creating the guild, it is automatically configured according to the profile of the creator, limiting the subscriptions for example to that, if I am the creator and I put that I want to be demon, Only the demons can subscribe to my guild. my proposal is that they let me configure that filter of my clan being able to open other races, in case a mixed guild or limit it to only one, if it is my desire. Beforehand, I apologize for the English I use in this text, because I used google translator to post in English because of my language level.

    I put down the original text in my language (Spanish) in case there is something that is not understood, the moderators can understand what I am suggesting. THX!!

    En el apartado de creacion de clanes, en esta web, al momento de crear el guild, éste se configura automaticamente segun e lperfil del creador, limitando las subscripciones por ejemplo a que, si yo soy el creador y yo puse que quiero ser demonio, solo los demonios podran suscribirse en mi guild. mi propuesta es que me dejen configurar ese filtro de mi clan pudiendo dar apertura a otras razas, en caso quequiera un guild mixto o limitarlo a una sola, si es mi deseo. De ante mano, me disculpo por el ingles que uso en este texto , debido a que usé google traductor para poder postear en ingles debido a mi nivel del idioma.

    coloco abajo el texto original en mi idioma (español) por si hay algo que no se entienda puedan los moderadores comprender lo que estoy sugiriendo. GRACIAS!!

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    @parca yeah we have many threads open about that issue 😞


    @parca To join other races in your guild, those players will need to perform a number of tasks that, at their end, will allow them to join any guild


    I would hope that the game wouldn't have any locks based on your desired character choices, but I would expect that to be considered a conflict within the lore.

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    @drekkennought as been told in the last Q&A. The guilds are restricted by the planet. So:

    • ARBOREUS - Beasts (maybe angels)
    • SYNDESIA - Beasts, Humans, Angels
    • TARTAROS - Demons, Abominations



    we're fighting the devs on that.

    I want a sandbox guild system, not a themepark guild system.


    One way to solve the problem might be by introducing ways for players to gain permanent access to a planet. Those should be hard to accomplish, probably somewhere in-between the difficulties of the Abomination and Angel transformations. Maybe by gaining the favor of a certain God - a Good one for Arboreus, Neutral for Syndesia, and Evil for Tartaros, and then gaining an invitation from a guild that's based on the planet in question.

    If this were to be implemented, I think there should still be some sort of incentive for single-race guilds, maybe by making their guild member limit higher than that of mixed guilds. Otherwise, there'd be no point in making a single-race guild, since you'd only limit your recruitment options and not gain anything. Taking that thought further, maybe there should be a separate category for bi-racial guilds (ie. Humans and Beastmen only) and truly mixed guilds, with the latter gaining the biggest penalty to their guild member limits.

    And to make sure very few people take advantage of these options, in order to preserve Fractured's "Three Races - Three Gameplays" philosophy, even if you manage to gain permanent residence on a foreign planet, there should still be penalties for doing so. Maybe not necessarily combat-related ones, but maybe crafting and studying should take significantly longer.

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