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    So I'm really curious, I noticed there are three races and I understand that, and it sounds like any race can go to any planet albeit with a bit of difficulty, but I also noticed that there seem to be three types of demons and about five types of beastmen. I was just wondering, could anyone shed some light on what, if any, the differences are between the sub-races?

  • The sub races have different stat caps. They also have special bonuses described here. To summarize: Each beast race has a primal form that they can transform into that gives them abilities fitting for their race (tigers are fast and damaging, bears are tanky, etc.) For demons: Vampires can drink blood to get a buff, nightmares are buffed in darkness, infernals can more easily survive in heat (there are survival mechanics), can "easily use any fire-related ability" (don't really know what this means) and they get stronger the longer they fight.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    And then depending on your karma you can turn into a good demon : "angel", or a corrupted beast man : "abomination"

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