Not made for casual on/off players

  • This is not a rant or complaint. Games can be different with different target audiences. I am writing this because I had a good time in the game.

    Returned after some weeks of not playing. Would take me about 4 days to farm to get back into the game and set everything up again. I thought about it, but it is just not worth it and I sadly have to quit. Obviously playing casually and irregularly does not harmonize with the game concept.

    Still a good game though! Thumbs up for the developers!


    @PoorSoul this is a big problem in my eyes, can you elaborate, why it took you 4 days ?

  • Fractured is somewhere in the middle when compared to its competitors in the genre; Sandbox MMO's with partial or full loot PvP.

    Fractured ranks up as following from most casual friendly to least casual friendly: OSRS>Albion>Fractured>EVE>Mortal 2 : Using mechanics like global banking, quick travel, accessibility of content, built-in matchmaking, progression routes and methods as some of the metrics to define "casual friendly".

    There will potentially be 2 new sandbox MMO's with full or partial loot PvP entering in tentatively in 2024, but they wont be relevant to the discussion until they reach persistence.

  • I find Fractured to be approachable for our group of working professionals with young kids. We can actually make progress, albeit small, during 5 hour (approximately) playtimes. I think this is is fair & provides us with long term goals. Obviously orb farming for us is out of the question we barely have 10 between 4 of us and we have been playing since Early Access start. We feel like things are in a good place. However, the game does need more endgame content/activities; early access nature.



    Well, if devs want more players , game(in my opinion) need:
    -sort of free trial version
    -more character customisation / wardrobe system
    -some limited fast travel system
    -maybe "ïnsured" items as reward for certain achievements
    -different type of live -simulated NPC(sorry if we could call game more or less dynamic, but world looks like post-apocaliptyc)
    -well-designed tutorial system(mb sort of personal assistant - fae, magic parot or goblin etc.)

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