My Game Loop

  • I enjoy crafting and gathering resources.
    I run between a set of towns gathering, taming horses, and posting items on the market.

    I attempted to game that way in New World, but then they had to combine the auction houses across territories and that killed the markets. There was no difference in price anywhere, no reason to travel, I just gave up and quit.

    I hope this game never gets fast travel or combined auction houses.
    Plenty of games offer that.

  • @Wargfoot we have to fend off the carebear players


    glad to see another merchant enjoying the localized markets and regional resources.
    keep on trucking!
    hopefully when we get city tech trees back there will be more town diversity and more value in trading 🙂

  • @Wargfoot I don't think there is any intention of changing that. One of the concepts presented early on was the ability to work markets, so it will probably stay as core part of game.

  • I do think that fast travel is what can ruin a game like this. With travel the way it's made right now, it bring situations where you have to play safe or you might get ganked. That's the kind of content that make games like this shine.

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