Charcoal to coal

  • There should be a way to convert charcoal to coal. Right now there is TONS of charcoal because you need lots of oil to make planks. Even if the conversion is time gated and 10:1 it would mean you don't need to simply dump the charcoal. The other option is to greatly reduce the amount of oil needed or increase the amount produced. I would still like to see a conversion process so that one could produce coal, even at a slow rate.

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    Coal is a rare resource, tying it to something as widely available as charcoal would be an issue.

    However it's not like you use a lot of oil. One charcoal pile makes enough oil for 12 boards, which is 2-4 items.

    At the same time, we currently have no real issue of resource scarcity since this is still a test and we are not seeing the correct amount of players. Once those are in and the nodes start getting exploited, it will become immediately obvious that there simply isn't enough coal to treat all the existing iron into steel or more advanced alloys. So charcoal will be used, and many items will be made in iron/copper/bronze.


    I would only agree to this if there was an additional processing step that would consume additional materials, perhaps transformation oil or something like it. I would love to see charcoal piles fit nicely in one square in the yard however!

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