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    So I asked on the Discord channel about these things to which I did get an answer that they were still talking aspects behind the scenes but I'm curious to know a few things and hoping to get some sort of answer here.

    Founder Palace - Is there any information that can be provided about this at all? For example: How would anyone squeeze a "palace" into a 4x4 spot if you choose to place it outside of town? I'm assuming the 4x4 is still the largest outside? Or even if it's 5x5, how do you fit one there?

    Lifetime Carpenter - This was originally for upkeep on homes when that was a thing, I know it's a big reason that many people bought the upgraded packages at first. Will that possibly be turned into "Lifetime VIP" or something if that comes out?


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    I'm no expert on the kickstarter packages, but didn't the packages with the carpenter already come with Lifetime Vip?


    You are absolutely correct, forgot about that. So, then that leaves me to wonder what they will turn a lifetime carpenter contract into.

  • outside town?

    i thought youcan only build inside towns? at designated spots only 😢

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    No, almost all house plots are outside the town. The houses inside the town are more an exception.


    @rgarrett iirc the plots inside a town are more for prestige, so that a governor can upgrade the abilities of a town to allow its citizens and (optional)visitors to have access to better quality crafting capabilities.

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