Going forward is Fractured going to be worth playing?

  • With your honest opinions in mind, is the game good enough to keep up with going forward? Is the gameplay good enough to continue paying attention to it? Is the game in a state that indicates a eventual release from early access purgatory?

  • There have been a great many changes to the game since it was last up, and there are many more in the works. I see a great deal of potential for the game and the team has been delivering lately. However, there is still quite a bit that has been promised before that is still not in the game. If they continue to deliver on these promises I definitely see Fractured becoming a rock solid game. But only time can tell. I think it is great at them moment if you are ok playing and knowing things are not yet finalized. If you want a fully fleshed game when you start, you might want to wait until some of the new features are added and fleshed out.


    Game has great potential just theyr marketing team is horrible no idea what they doing ,b2p with microtransactions its not gonna get this game anywhere past 200 players

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    It's a bit more complex than that.
    It is buy2p with optional sub for cosmetics and convenience stuff. Then there is also microtransactions, still for cosmetics and convenience.

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