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    What is going on with the steam review? the game has been play tested for so long. So why is the game getting hammered on steam? I am waiting close to release to buy the game b/c I have no intention of playing until there is no more wipes... but the reviews are giving me some pause on ever purchasing the game... wtf is going on?

  • @Althalus It seems many people from steam are not paying attention to the fact that EA = beta in this particular game. So there are still bugs and patching needed, etc. At least a portion of the steam players have complained and refunded as they did not understand, also the fact that it does wipe before release has infuriated many people from the steam audience.

    Also, the past week or so, our community managers have been relatively silent as to what and when they upcoming patch might be.


    steam also had issues with the release too from my understanding which hammered it too, however i also dont blame them since tbh the game released to early on steam at the bare minimum the stargate needed to be in when released happened and the major seige bug currently means there no end game content till the patch cming this week spose to fix that though.

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