Craft armor/set


    Dears and developers.

    I agree that the set/armor has to be disposable to spin the market, that's excellent.
    But I think it is necessary to reduce the number of essences to craft, sometimes for you to drop them it takes hours and hardly anyone will want to PK or do some kind of pvp, without having a big team to walk with such armor.

    So, as it's all disposable, I don't see big problems in making the craft a little easier or the resources that are needed to craft armor in general.

    Sorry my english is not native.

    Remembering that there are people who don't play with 100 people, but with friends in 4 ~ 5 people in the guild.

  • I agree on certain items. Especially since the durability takes such a hit currently.

    I think scholar armor is fine, resource wise. I have not crafted much else.


    Honestly, its only the plate that needs a change. Maybe the tanning time for leather could be reduced a bit, but beyond that all other craft resources are easily obtainable

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