Abilities with incorrect calculation descriptions


    Some abilities have calculation mistakes in their descriptions:

    Magic Missile > [INT3] but the value displayed is [INT/3]
    Mage Armor > Doesn't show the drain value (10/s)
    Absorb Elements > Has an extra "%" in the calculation
    Bleeding Strike > Inflicts [DEX] Bleeding stacks, but the value displayed in [INT]
    Shadow Walk > Hide yourself for [Stealth/30] seconds. The value displayed and the calcualtion does not add up
    Double Shot > There's an extra "%" in the calculation as well as the value displaying is not correct [PER
    Barbed Skin > plus [INT0] Bleeding Stacks...
    Rend Armor > Extra "%" in the calculation
    Intimidate > Frightened for [CHA
    2] seconds, but value displayed is [CHA/2]
    Bloodlust > [CON2], but value displayed is for [CON/2]
    Mass Cure Wounds > No calculation values displayed
    Vicious Attacks > Extra "%" displayed
    Earthquake > Min and max values are switched
    Unholy Strength > [CHA
    3] but value displayed is [CHA/3]
    Death Bargain > [INT2] but value displayd is [INT45] and extra "%" is displayed
    Acid Rain > [INT2] but value displayed is [INT/2]
    Thunderstorm > [INT
    2] but value displayed is [INT/2]; [INT5] enemies value is also wrong
    Dispel Magic > Extra "%" is displayed
    Guided Shot > Calculated value is not displayed
    Pin Down > [PER
    10] but value displayed is [PER/10]
    Flurry of Blows > Calculated value is not displayed
    Resonating Blow > [STR5] but value displayed is [STR/5]
    Barrage > [PER
    3] but value displayed is for [PER*18]

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    Not all the tooltips have been fully updated.

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