As a Chinese player, let me talk about the shortcomings of this game.

  • 1No strange name shows.
    2The map can't see where your teammates are.
    3You can't pick it up with one click.

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    1. Not sure what you mean.
    2. You can see a green dot where your party members are in the mini-map. It is doubtful they will implement something like this for the World(s) maps.
    3. One click pickup is not intended. Things like gathering are meant to take a couple seconds, and looting a corpse is supposed to take time so you can possibly be attacked/interrupted while doing so. This is not an instant gratification game, and there are some time delays in the game for a reason.

  • @GamerSeuss Monsters don't show names.

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    @Touyukami That's on purpose.

    The key to this game is exploration. That means when you encounter a monster, you don't know what kind it is. We have suggested that once you get a monster to a certain percent of knowledge that a tooltip with their name would appear, but no response to that as of yet.

    Regardless, not havinng a monster tool-tip initially anyway is completely intentional. You're supposed to go out and discover such information for yourselves.

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