• I am frequently called Fah, or Q. I'm 48 and i love this game. I started on the 2nd day of the free trial, and purchased the 2nd pack about 2 hours in. I probably play about 6-10 hours a day haha.

    I've had fun being a mage archer, and trying out crafting and housing and stuff. Got to try a few legendaries even before the last day. Very interesting concept.

    I also keep inviting friends to play, and even bought for a close friend that said he'd love to play but didnt have the cash right now! lol
    I hope to help answer many of the newer players questions, and meet ya'll on the playing field. I'm sure many of us will be fighting eachother.
    Oh, I'm in EST time zone

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    @FahQ well met fellow guildy

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