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  • Hello first off enjoying the game alot ,now here is some of my feedback mostly on systems

    1. mouse over info when select stats at character creation would be nice for a new player to be able to hover the mouse over say strength and get a info panel popup with what that stat affects.
      2 mouse over info once in game when looking at you character sheet with details of your stats for example Luck what does it do or wisdom is it for attack or healing ,remember what may be common sense to one isn't common for everyone
      3 Tutorial could defiantly be fleshed out alot more to guilds/clans and building your house ,also adding in what keys are needed in the tutorial panel when first starting out could be a big help as well for newer players
      4 this could run off point 3 and deem it moot ,if you add the hotkeys for the corresponding menu buttons in the lower right of the screen in small font above the buttons and for mouse to pop up a small info box when a button is hovered over with the cursor
      5 when clicking on camp fire's or fireplaces a info panel popup when mousing over the options would be nice as well(hmm i see a recurring theme here)
      6 being able to compare equipment when in the auction house to what you have on would be a major QOL improvement
      7 currently food does nothing but saite hunger ,adding a reason other then that like buffs from eating certain meals or food would expand on cooking (they may get buffs further in but this is my experiance in teh first 3-4 hours of play)
      8 tutorial area add some more to do there this area is huge and it could be a great place to learn the game from
      ill add more as i get further in

  • 9 adding a sort button to bank and personl inventory

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    just as a quick response:

    7> They have already said that they plan to expand on food, and that there will at least be a benefit for eating a more varied diet, and not always resorting to the same food all the time.
    9> Adding a sort function has been asked for numerous times, so that is definitely a popular feedback. No word as yet as to whether they will take it into consideration.

    Also, on tooltips, as the current game condition shows, updating tooltips has not always been prioritized, and as tooltips are more QoL, they tend to be some of the last things put into a game in their final form as it is. Also, they need to confirm what they want to include in tool tips overall. Shoot, in game, the tooltip for Pointsettia, Pinwiper, and Mustard Seed plants are all mixed up. (Penwiper tooltips as Pointsettia, Pointsettia tooltips Mustard Seed, and Mustard Seed tooltips as Penwiper)

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