Packing Station Solution Idea


    It isn’t the time it takes to load my wagon that I mind but, is instead, the endless clicking and opening and closing of windows. So my idea is this, give us controls on the storage screen, just like there are on the packing screen, letting us select the number of and type of bags we want (maybe make it a bit simpler and just select cereals or proteins.) Then we could click on a button that says “Load Wagon” the window goes away and you click the wagon you want to load. Of course if the wagon has insufficient space you press esc and try again.

    Then we wait while our character loads the wagon. Wonder of wonders with this solution we actually get to see the entire animation, the endless, and unnecessary, opening and closing of windows is gone, and yet the time it takes to load the wagon is still there like the developers want it to be. It is a win win in my opinion. I personally would like to watch the loading of the wagon uninterrupted.

  • Drrag and drop would be amazing

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