Hey guys, what do you think about some sort of carriage system that allows fast travel between non warring cities? The city would have to reach the proper rank to be able to research and build it but other than that it would act kinda like ports except it was not instant, more like the chocabo taxi in FFXIV, BUT you could maybe still be attack which might interrupt it? The carriage would also take paved paths.

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    This has been suggested before in different iterations, but the Devs have been pretty adamant that they don't want fast travel. Horses, Harbours, and the portal between planets is about it.

    We have talked about carriages, caravans, and other permutations, but fast travel is something they don't really want. (I think carriages/caravans might make for interesting content added travel, not exactly faster, but eventful and structured)


    @GamerSeuss Some ideas seem great until added, so I suppose. Plus it is thier game. I would say this would be more immersive than ports but less instant. much less. I like the game either ways so hurray.

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