It's the game to hard or am i doing something wrong?

  • Well I just started im playing alone but I cant do some of the camps near the neutral town I spawn and the most of that camps are too hard I need to take each enemy 1 by 1 and i need some time (im using a bow build)

    I have a hide armor set except head, a bow and all the skills from the tutorial. I need to get better gear in other place? Or i just need a group?


    Well, short answer is, the game is hard to get started. You're doing it right, taking it slow and going one by one. But yes, a group is incredibly helpful. Even just one other player to kill stuff with.

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    Kiting one vs one is the way to start with a bow build. At least until you've upgraded your gear, skills and talents a little bit.

    That, or grouping with 1 to like 4 or 5 other players where you can lift each other up. Game can be soloed, but you have to be much more cautious, and make sure you have a ton of bandages with you

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