The Longbow Hunter Build!

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    I feel like you focused too much on the archery skills, especially for a character with a good INT value.

    It can act as a good "turret", but it will be too straightforward and find himself out of options too easily. It is a build which is overly focused on the offensive, but pays that by having only one real control skill (the net) and no defensive ones. If someone comes directly for you, it will be hard to negate him the target. You are also using a support skill (inspire) with a low Charisma score, which will limit its effect.

    If you want to go for this kind of build I would propose to add the Terrifying Shout skill in place of Volley. This will provide you another good control skill.
    If you can change attributes, I would also lower that INT, you don't need that much. You can increase your CON, which will give some important HP and increase the effect of bandages.

  • @spoletta In pve his build can work if he has a tank that keeps enemies at bay.
    However, in pvp the enemies would quickly catch up with him with relocate, battlejump or lunge and resolve his net skill with a resolve.

  • my builds are mostly directed toward pve. with this build I easily solo ogres. I do agree that i could lower the INT a little bit and add more hp.

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