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  • There should be some method by which players can check the techs that have been researched for a city in order to ascertain whether that is a region they want to purchase a plot. Currently, the only way appears to be having access to a crafting station and learning the recipe in order to see the message that the tech hasn't been researched. I'm not really up on the siege mechanics or whether having that information public would create higher risk of conflict, but there has to be a happy medium here.

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    The choice of your home region is an important one for a good part of your playing experience. It shapes a lot of capabilities of your characters. As such, I do agree that there should be a more clear way for players to select the region. Something like a board in the starting towns which lists for each city of the continent:

    • Techs
    • Tax level
    • Number of citizens/Residents
    • Nation
    • Currently in debt or not
    • Optionally, a short presentation of the city written by the Governor.


    this is what information looks like on the vice governor side:

    at the very least the splash page of each town should show the plot prices, taxes, and a smaller version of the tech tree... or at the minimum list the techs, like 'basic tailoring, wizardry 1, advanced smelting, alloy making, metal weapons 1, plate armor 1, chain armor 1, siege weapons, bows 1, architecture.

    there are plenty of towns that exist which are only populated by people of a certain time zone. this is unfortunate and I believe that it is partially due to the lack of information available at the town splash page. were the town to have these minimal bits of information available to all players (and not just vice governors) then i believe it would increase the player interactions and experiences in a very positive way.

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    The vulnerability window of a city can give info on the timezone of the occupants, so that could be shown too.


    @OlivePit The only difference for Governors and Vice Governors is that Governors can promote people to Vice. Otherwise it is exactly the same. I am wholeheartedly for increasing visibility of towns, just on their map icons. I don't want to use New World as an example, but New World did it so when you hovered over a town, it showed all the research levels, who owned it, and if and when they were being sieged. I feel like incorporating all or parts fo that would go a long way.

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