The White Lotus is looking for members!

  • Hey everyone my IGN is Delarose and I am looking for members who want to build a town together.
    We are as of this post 12/20 settlers in for making a town and just need a few more to make it happen.

    We have been playing as a group for almost a month now and have learned a ton about the game while working in another guild/town. Now that we have the experience we needed we wanted to get a town of our own started and really go crazy with advancing and growing.

    We are looking for hardcore and casual members alike.

    Hardcore members would be the bread and butter of the guild as we continue to learn more and grow.

    Casual members would be those with IRL responsibilities that can't be as active but still want to help in growing a city.

    We do raids regularly into areas of interest such as the Vale of Shadows and the Ogre camps as well as the frost giants on the other continent.

    If you are interested in a fun and relaxed group sign up in our discord and let us know.

    We are located on Myr.

  • Hiiii Dela! I wish you the best in starting your town. Which one are you gunna be taking? Can we join your discord even if we aren't joining? 🐶

  • @Tifyu Hey there currently we are working on getting a town made to start a nation with another guild so we would like to keep the discord to only members atm. If you are interested in joining us we would love to have you. We have almost 20 members in the discord and as of right now 12 have gotten online to join the settlers group so we are slowly getting a team together ^.^

    We are a group that is migrating from another guild and are really fun to play with everyone seems to get along pretty well over all.

  • @Delphonse Where do you plan on setting up the township? Depending on location I could be interested in migrating to your cause. I currently just finished my crafter from the Tutorial zone maxing out all basic stuff. Once I get him out to Myr I will be starting on gathering tier 2 recipes.

  • @Kave I will send you a message with more information ^.^

  • We are currently at 15/20 members for the guild we just need 5 more and we can settle a town! come on in and join the family!


    you dont -need- 20 ppl comitted to the town to start a town... you can have anyone fill out the roster who is willing. It is more like a petition than a real comitiment.
    now. you do need 20 ppl minimum or you will derank every 3 days.
    This can be held off by upgrading the town and resetting the 3 day timer.

  • @OlivePit that is good to know I will talk to the guild members to see if they want to settle now and work towards getting people before we de-rank I really appreciate the update ^.^

  • @OlivePit I just went to the plot to claim it and it says I need 20 people in the settlers group 2 of which are vices to make the town. is that incorrect?

  • Moderator

    You still need 20 in the settler group. What Olive means is that they can be just random people which don't care about joining the city.

  • @spoletta Ah okay then dang got my hopes up lol I will keep recruiting then!

  • Alright we are currently at 18/20 settlers if anyone else is interested in joining we should hopefully get the last two later today!

  • For anyone interested we made our town a few days ago and are thriving pretty well. If anyone wants to join its the town of Arundale ^.^

  • @Delphonse said in The White Lotus is looking for members!:

    For anyone interested we made our town a few days ago and are thriving pretty well. If anyone wants to join its the town of Arundale ^.^

    Congrats on the establishment of Arundale!

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