Allow Enchanting to Tier 1 in Starting cities


    With taxes added and armor and weapons being locked to poor in newbie cities, can we also make the enchanting tables work up to the first step for enchanting? Right now the tables are there and just don't allow clicking on them.

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    That's actually an interesting idea. I like it.


    You mean the two Dev made cities that players can choose to start in?
    I would argue that since we have the tutorial island and the fact that within 24hours of a server start there will be towns up to service players, there is no need for these Dev made 'starter' towns to have anything but a bank for players to have as their one truly safe place to store stuff and access to the global wallet.
    Allowing tax free crafting should be a marketing tool to differentiate between player built cities, not the expected norm handout.
    I am sure that there will always be a number of towns which will choose to do this and as such the starting Dev made towns quickly become redundant, inefficient, and empty.

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