First impressions and feedback

  • Hi,

    The game is looking quite promising and just wanted to share some feedback and thoughts I have gathered up on my ~1 week of playtime.

    I understand that the game is still on a beta stage and most likely the majority of the bugs are known and the opinions - well, they're opinions. 🙂

    Let's start off with the bugs i have found so far (and I assume these are bugs, not features):


    • Cooldown counter UI on hotkeys bugs when using herbal remedy and bandages while other cooldown is counting. The cooldowns themselves work properly, only the UI counter disappears from the other used item.

    • In chat window the chat target (global, party, etc.) selection button, the selection is valid only when clicking on the very side of the bar, which took me a while to realize. I thought the button was broken but there is either some other collider blocking the click or the click area is way too small.

    • World map zooming feels weird to me and it doesn't center on where the mouse is, or the center of the screen. The pivot of zooming is somewhere else (top left?). Not necessarily a bug, but I thought I'd mention it.


    • Some items stacking doesn't make sense to me. For example brown bear head stacks but wolf head doesn't. Also unguent doesn't stack, but every other item in the line of making weak poison paste does. - Not really a bug and possibly there is a reason for these but I'll put it here.

    World / Environment

    • Enemies ignore environment colliders, allowing them to run through obstacles (very annoying with rabbits and foxes, possibly lethal when ranged enemies are inside walls and melee cant reach)

    • Found several spots that has trees spawned on a steep hill that allowed the harvesting of the trees but not the logs.

    • Found a few spots where terrain doesn't align properly, possibly the seams of 2 terrains.


    • Sometimes skills fail to execute (different from where a text with "skill failed" appears and the skill goes to cooldown).

    • When the game has been on for a while, the game starts stuttering a bit when moving. Noticable especially when moving on a horse. Relogging usually fixes this.

    • Interactable objects like wood logs and corpses are very often behind other colliders resulting in a scenario where the object cannot be interacted with. For example a log cannot be picked up or corpse looted. This is sometimes because other interactable object is in the way - with lootable corpses another already looted corpse is in the way, and with logs and resources the resource node itself.

    • Sometimes wood logs just aren't pickable even though there is no other interactable object blocking it. (The tool tip with the objects name appears, but cursor doesn't change to a hand and it cannot be picked up.)

    Feedback / Thoughts / Feature requests / Suggestions

    • It would be great to have an interaction button mappable on keyboard that would pick up the nearest log or loot the nearest unlooted corpse. Also disabling the interactions (or colliders) on a looted corpse could help with the looting issues. - And while on the topic of looting, a 'Loot All' button in the loot inventory would be awesome.

    • I really love the possibility to build and decorate a house in my plot but as the material smelting / charcoal piles take so long to do their things i need to have my plot filled with smelters and stuff that can process ores / hides so there's no room to build a house.

    • KP seems to be finite and trying out different builds doesn't feel viable as KP used in skills cannot be regained. Learning the wrong skills is very taxing in the beginning as the pool is shared with talents.

    • Crafting and masteries are a bit confusing in the beginning. I feel like the masteries information should be with the talents and abilities instead of being in the same window with bestiary.

    • I keep right clicking ingots in smelter window to obtain the ingot but for some reason it needs to be dragged to inventory.

    • I find the amount of resources available concerning. It is fine now as I'm nearly the only one gathering them, but when there's a lot more players, there will be shortage of gatherable resources making the resources a constant battleground in pvp server or just camped/timed by the players who have the time to do that and/or bots in pve server. With 6-8 hour respawn time, they will be completely unobtainable by people who play more casually. They will obviously be buyable at the market but there are players who enjoy the material gathering aspect of the game and most likely won't be able to do it.

    • Chill/warm stack thing feels confusing and especially chill is very very annoying. At times i have x amount of warm stacks and a moment later i have 50 stacks of chill and cannot escape any enemies and i am barely able to move and as a new player have no way to counter the effects. Maybe there could be drinkable water to cool down and reduce warm stacks and campfires could have a radius of warmth around them that would reduce the chill stacks?

    • Could the recipes for the first tier of gear drop from easier monsters like goblins and zombies so that players could possibly farm their own recipes from monsters they are able to beat?

    • Hunger and energy depletion could be progressive and have some indication that the player is getting hungry or exhausted. Currently the energy and hunger levels can be easily forgotten until suddenly the player starts dying. Progressive debuffs and/or indication that the bars are getting low would give the player more of a heads up that they would need to rest or eat soon.

    • Resting at a campfire gives 100(?) mp when the resting completes. Could it be replaced with increased mp regen rate so that players don't need to do this weird zumba session spamming rest to regen mana a bit quicker.

    • It would be awesome if wagons could haul other items aswell, so that moving around with ingots and other heavy stuff over long distances would be less of a pain. Moving from a plot to other is very difficult at the moment if the current plot has a few chests filled with items.

    • Will there be a possibility to use skills from the skill bar (not the hotkeys)? Or the possibility to add more hotkey slots? I'm finding it annoying that i have to keep some toggleable skills (such as counter and heavy blow) taking space from my hotbar (why would i ever want to toggle them off anyway), and I have to fight with inventory open so i can use bandages and herbal medicines from there.

    Overall the game feels quite good and has a lot of potential. Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Thanks for reading through this endless list of rambling, hopefully there's even one viable idea or something you guys can use to make the game even better. 😄

  • Content Creator

    Wow, a lot...

    1. Zoom Window or World Map has a button to center and zoom on your position.
    2. The Chat Target works just fine on my laptop...although I avoid chat for the most part as the text is too small to easily ready for me.
    3. Brown Bear Heads don't stack for me just like Wolf or Stag. Never made Unguent.
    4. The Stuttering you notice when playing awhile is your own Graphics Cache filling up. Rebooting clears the Graphics Cache and allows for smoother rendering of movement. It is different on different systems with bigger cache allotments, but this means it is not something the Devs can really address, it is Pc/Laptop-side
    5. They specifically want us to manually pick things up, so they have nixed any idea of a Loot All or a Loot Nearest Corpse/Gather Nearest Node type of functionality. The Loot All is specifically to make it take a couple seconds to loot allowing new mobs/PvPers to attack you while your attempting to loot/gather.
    6. It is mainly intended that Smelters, Charcoal Piles, etc... be City resource buildings, and housing plots only really containing a small fraction of the processing...but there is a matter of Trust, and Access that is still being balanced out.
    7. KP is finite, and this is by intention. You can only ever get 60 Talent Points, and you must actively choose which skills you unlock.
    8. Masteries were just introduced in Beta, so they are in their very first draft and we're hoping those get changed.
    9. Pulling Ingots and other things from crafting stations are drag only by intent. There are multiple requests in to change that.
    10. Resources are actually super available...and it is intended that they become more contended for as the population grows. That is part of the game design. They still have some finite balancing to do, but these are intended.
    11. Chill/Warm Stacks: Like Craft Masteries, these are something new in this beta, in fact, Weather was just added recently, after Beta Started, ,and a lot of its interactions are not implemented yet, like with campfires, and of course Alchemy isn't in yet, which will have potions and such to handle stacks.
    12. Recipes are a major bone of contention and we're hoping things can change on that
    13. Hunger/Energy does post a little warning when it goes low, and the color changes...the assumption is your looking up at your health/mana bar and you also glance at your food/stamina...but not everyone does...not sure if they are talking about any other fixes to that yet.
    14. Resting at Campfires has changed a few times. Mana used to fully recharge, but they changed it to keep it from being an instant save for setting it close to where you are killing. I do like your idea of increasing the mana regen while sitting there instead of hopping up and down from sitting to replenish
    15. Right now, Wagons only carry 'heavy' items like Stones, Ore, logs, and sacks of Protein/Grain, but there has been several of us asking to be able to put stacks of other stuff, or be able to bag other stuff to allow wagons to carry them. Furs, Ingots, and some of the Essences and other Reagents are heavy and harder to move.
    16. They only want skills usable from the Hotbar, and don't intend to make skills clickable. Also, right now you can use your consumables from inventory, but the plan is to take that option away and make you use the hotbar...thus making you weigh what you put in your 8 slots...we might get more slots, but as far as we've heard, no plans are there for a 2nd consumable hotbar.

    I hope I've answered a few things as someone who's been here since the 1st Alpha/Kickstarter, welcome to the show!

  • @GamerSeuss said in First impressions and feedback:

    KP is finite,

    Incorrect, devs have stated they want unlimited KP essentially so you will eventually be able to unlock every skill in the game but you will still be restricted with the memory point and talent point restrictions for builds.

  • Content Creator

    KP is still finite, in that you can only get 100% on every mob, and every resource then nothing until new mobs/resources get added. You are also limited to only 60 Talent Points, which you can freely distribute on 5 presets, reusing them in each.

    Ultimately, however, they are if not exactly 'finite' they are given a hard limit between expansions.

  • @GamerSeuss Right but even now with the legendaries is the cap even meaningful? From what I've been told you can keep farming KP off legendaries through the pages right?

    Is the amount of KP you can earn right now lower than the amount you can spend is what I'm trying to get at, cause if there's more KP to earn than to spend then there really isn't a cap. Obviously, the hard cap would exist but does it even matter?

  • Content Creator

    You can only learn each available Page once...they clarified that when they first introduced them to the game.

    As to what you can spend, well, when it comes down to it, some of the skills will only be unlocked by die-hards who want everything unlocked. Some won't even bother with some of the mobs that have abilities that don't relate to their build until at least after they've killed off everything that does matter to them.

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