Need help, i Cant play. Logging In Screen

  • hi
    I have played all the betas of fractured online, and I have not been able to play this beta, the game remains in loggin in .....
    I would be very grateful if you could help me solve the problem. someone told me that was my WIN 10 pro 21h, if someone can help me how to solve this issue please reply me. thanks you very much.

  • Content Creator

    1. You've migrated to Gamigo
    2. You've downloaded the Newest Glyph Launcher
    3. You've downloaded the Newest Fractured Client
    4. Can you get to the Character Creation Screen? If so, hit the Gear Button(Settings) click Settings, and go to Graphics Tab and try lowering your Graphics setting, and set your FPS to like 60 (might need to hit the Advanced option) and disable some of the other advanced options.
      then you should try to log in again.

    Another possibility is your Firewall might not be letting the Glyph Launcher connect to the server, so you might need to create a Firewall exception, which differs from Firewall to Firewall.

    All previous tests used just the Fractured Launcher, but all future testing will be with the Glyph Launcher, and then when it goes live, the Steam Launcher will also be an option.

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