Market - Sales lacking durations

  • Probably not a bug as much as a feature net yet added(?)

    Items placed on the market should really have a duration. At present I am noticing that marketplaces are full of items and if they don't sell, they never drop out of the market (unless they are but I can't tell).

    I'm not sure how this works, but if we assume some players take a break from playing, but their items stay in the market indefinitely, you in theory could end up with thousands of auctions in each city.

    This also takes away value of sales from people that are actively playing.

    I'd recommend a duration of 1x week per auction submission.
    (The market should also take a small % cut of payments to act as a gradual gold sink - which would help with inflation)


    the governors are supposedly able to tax the market... but it is not working right now.
    A timer is needed, but longer than a week as the time it takes to go around to every town and update your items for sale is not insignificant and having to do that weekly would be really annoying.

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