A hardcore/permadeath option?

  • Just something I was pondering about, but these days a lot of people like to play Hardcore/Permadeath characters.

    Now this isn't something I'm a fan of myself (because I suck), but there is a pretty big market for it and I do enjoy watching streamers / videos of people taking up these challenges. It seems to be a growing market.

    If we look at some of the modern big MMO's, they are starting to include this as an option, and it does seem to draw in some specific players. Granted it's a small amount compared to the overall population, but it still exists and helps bolster the numbers.

    I personally think that if it was a character creation feature, it would fit in quite well with the game. Create your character and there's a tick box at the bottom indicating hardcore character. If you select that option, and you die in the game (get knocked down), your character is then no longer playable.

    It's not something I would personally do, but I can see a lot of masochists taking up the challenge.
    Certainly not an urgent feature, but should be quite easy to implement and a healthy addition to the game.

  • As someone who has used this feature many times in various games, I like the concept.
    But then we would need new servers, because then so many characters will be reproduced.
    The game is comparatively harder than you are used to from one or the other game.

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