Potential problem with the market -mail notification system...


    Currently when an item is sold in the market you instantly get a nice message saying person XXXXX bought item YYYYY at location ZZZZZ.
    This is nice and convenient as you can mentally fist pump over the sale and make a note that location ZZZZ might need more YYYY.
    However this also can lead to a nasty form of victimization.
    Lets say I am a criminal.
    I get a nice shiny thing (say dragon soul) and put it up for sale cheaper than market value in a location where it cannot be used immediately (say a starter town or any town without the necessary tech).
    I then hang out in that area and when it gets sold I am told who I should be hunting and where they are.
    I kill them and now I have the item back and the money they spent on it.
    And they very well could be none the wiser as pk'ing and reds just are part of the game and they think they just got unlucky.
    This would be fishing for suckers with a lure so to speak.

    This could be avoided by delaying the message or simply removing the name from the message.
    While it could be nice to build a trading relationship with a frequent buyer... it also allows the creation of serial victimization.


  • @OlivePit said in Potential problem with the market -mail notification system...:

    it also allows the creation of serial victimization.

    This should only be an issue on the PVP planet to my understanding, and honestly, I think on that planet it's fair game.

    If anything I actually want that kind of crazy thing going on. I have no doubt that guilds would very quickly band up and stomp out any issues like that within an owned town. Kind of adds the extra danger element that a lot of us PVP planet players want.



    Sadly we have seen that guilds / the community infact does -not- take action against serial victimization and abusive toxic players.
    Look no further than bussy, Kos, etc...
    There was no in game reprocussions for their actions despite how bad their behavior was.
    It was only that Bussy were caught hacking that they got their wrist slapped and then only by the devs, not the players.
    Note also how Bussy did multiple exploits to win sieges and raids, but no group action was done by the players to punish bussy. and only when the -devs- shut down the siege system that it stopped.
    Players could have done something at any point, but did not.
    Relying on players to fix a problem inherent in the systems in the game is not viable.

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