New to game. A bit lost!

  • Hi everyone. I just hopped into the game and am feeling a bit lost. I tried asking questions in global chat but there was no response. Hoping I can get a bit of info here, as I'd love to immerse myself into a new game!

    --I'm coming from ESO, where the pov is flexible. This top down view is a bit claustrophobic for me, as I can't really zoom out far enough to see anything clearly around me. The terrain is super similar so to get my bearings I am using the large map (M) then heading in the direction I want to go. However, there is a rather strict pathing system, so I cannot run straight to where I'm heading. Part of me thinks that's kinda cool because I'm really seeing the ground as I meander around, but I'm also feeling itchy because the terrain does not really vary. It feels like getting places is a bit of a slow slog right now.
    TLDR: Question - Can I zoom out more via adjusting a setting somewhere?

    --The global chat is filled but folks are quite immersed in their own conversations and there's been no response to any of my questions there. Is there a particular chat in game that I should use? Or is the game culture just more focused on established players?

    --Is there a good reference site anywhere for the basics of the game? I've looked around a bit and they all talk about
    game but there are not a lot of details.

    Thanks everyone for your help.

  • I don't believe there is any way to zoom out further (yet) than is already allowed.

    Some of the lands and areas feel a little empty as content is still being added. I'd expect a fully fleshing out of the world at some point after engine upgrades have been completed. - They are currently adding a weather system in the next week or so.

    Chat at the moment is somewhat focused, as most of us that are playing have been playing since early Alpha, so there isn't an abundance of new players to share questions etc. I'd probably recommend looking to join a guild and hope that they can help you. Sometimes chat is better at certain times.

    There's a Wiki, but the information is somewhat outdated in parts because the game is updating so quickly that there's not a huge point in updating it at the moment, because the information would need to be updated constantly, and that's a lot of work for any volunteer. I'd expect more concise information once further development has been made.

    Hope this helps, and hope I run into you in game 🙂

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    The wiki is currently fairly well updated.
    The game is changing fast, but the current wiki team is pouring a lot of effort in it, so the wiki is in a good condtion.

    In particular, the following sections are now fully updated:

    • Skills
    • Talents
    • Attribute formulas
    • Equipment
    • Loot tables
    • Reagents

  • Thank you for the info. I checked out the wiki and found a bit there.

    Overall, I'm sticking with it for a bit, but adjusting my expectations. At this point, I'm finding a lot of abandoned cities (eeeeep! Spiders!) and the global chat is pretty brutal as far as asking questions. Solo play seems to be the way to go.

    I've beta'd a few games now and found that what makes a game for me is the people playing it. I'm going to keep exploring - at some point I'm bound to run into folks that have bandwidth for a newblet.

    Thanks again for the help - appreciate it.

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