'Connectity issues'


    Firstly, I'm not poking fun at a spelling/translation error, but that is what it says on my screen.
    Secondly, I know almost nothing about servers and things, but whatever the issue is I have a good enough setup that it shouldn't be a problem at my end, and if it is; how is anyone else playing the game? and how do I fix it?

    So, the thing is that I rarely go half an hour without lag and the game crashing back to menu due to 'connectity issues'
    Is this the servers? Is there work being done on it?
    Lag turns fights that should be easy into almost unwinnable, so...

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    I had a similar issue.
    I had latency over 1000 and would get disconnected every few minutes. Everything else worked fine, my connection was fine and even playing from a different machine had the same issue, so I was convinced that it was the server.

    Then I tried using my phone connection to play and the problem disappeared. Turns out that the last update that was remotely installed on my router, had generated that issue. And it was something that affected only Fractured, no idea why.

    You should do the same check. Try to play by getting the connection from your phone and see if the problem persists.


    @spoletta I always use my phone data, my wifi is terrible 😕

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