Reduce the Tediousness of Processing

  • I know this might not be a top priority in the current state of Beta testing, but I would like to see some improvement on the tediousness of processing and gathering. I am not against the time sinks and I believe they should exists in the game. However, some of these time sinks are actually tedious tasks which do not have a meaning. To be more exact, here is a list of tedious tasks:

    • Picking up stones/ores/logs 1 by 1 from ground/cart/wagon
    • Placing stones/ores/logs 1 by 1 from ground/cart/wagon
    • Clicking and dragging leather into the exact squares inside the tanning tub 1 by 1
    • Filling up smelters in general(If I am not wrong, it takes 28 mouse clicks to load one smelter)

    In the Kickstarter video of Fractured, it was shown that we can pick up and place multiple logs instead of single ones. I think that would be a nice fix to the current tediousness. Furthermore, I would also appreciate a more user friendly system to operate our processing units(smelters, tanning tubs, etc.). I do not mind the time it takes, but we can eliminate the tediousness by making it more automated while keeping the time required same.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    Exactly this ^

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