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    I made a street rat as a second character to try it out and it's not simply difficult, it barely works

    Most abilities are cancelled by any action by you or a mob hitting you, meaning it is almost impossible to use any abilities because you can't move, can't be hit, which generally means you can't actually be in range to use the ability, then the damage is VERY low. This also applies to the lunge, you need to be still to use it, which is very clunky for a mobility ability. Once you factor in latency for most players, this makes most of the abilities unusable starting out as they have to wait far too long before using an ability.

    I was trying to take down a goblin enforcer, which other starters can comfortably take down. The Street rat does practically no damage to it. As it currently stands this is not a very playable introduction to the game. I got through the tutorial island fine, but it was still a fairly clunky experience compared to other classes.

    I'm sure this isn't the intended experience, I haven't used many dex based abilities before on my main so I can't really compare if it's just dex abilities that aren't working properly, but with nothing but the starting abilities in the street rat toolkit, it's not very playable in it's present form compared to other starters.

  • I think you did not play the street rat background(or dagger classes in general) for a long time. Because my observation is, they are extremely viable to many different situations.

    I will not talk too much about PvP because I did not have a chance to do so myself with street rat build. However, what I saw was that most of the high single-target DPS builds are dagger builds. They seem to be doing pretty fine in most scenarios.

    In PvE, once you learn bleed ability and apply poison to your weapon, you melt down any creature you encounter. It is one of the highest DPS you can see in the game. The downside which you also mentioned is that you need to get into the range of the creature. However, this is the main issue with all melee builds. Some creatures hit extremely hard and they are basically not designed for you to solo. However, a mob like goblin enforcer should not be an issue with right build/skills.

    Furthermore, it is not just the DEX abilities that are clunky. Almost all abilities in the game are currently not polished, so it is a general thing.


    @Clinion I made the character last week. This is about them starting out and their starter abilities. There are plenty of later abilities that are useful, but you can't get them solo because the starter abilities don't work well. This is a problem for a starter class because if you're new to the game, you try this class and it just doesn't work. Later with more gear and abilities it's viable, but as a starter it isn't without a group to do most of the work for you.
    Dexxer characters are viable because poison is op and bleed is effective. You don't start with either of those. You can't get them without teamwork. Which is fine if you're starting out with a group, but if you're starting out solo once everyone has already passed those parts, you can't.

    I've used other melee and spellcasting abilities, I know how they work. Yes there's some clunkiness that needs to be worked out, but what I'm saying is that as a starter the street rat currently isn't working.

  • @Jameow said in Street Rat starter class:

    ... but you can't get them solo because the starter abilities don't work well.

    I do not fully agree with this statement. Because as I mentioned before, once you get bleed skill and apply poison to your weapon, you become extremely strong. And funny thing is, if you just kill "Young wolfs", you can get your bleed skill and plus you vicious attacks skill which also boots your DPS. For the poison, you just need to collect some herb and kill some bears most probably, which are again, easy to do solo.

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