Just few questions about some abilities

  • Hi guys, just a question.

    After longer hibernation I logged into Fractured to check new skills and found one that "causes marked enemy to receive 40% of damage you get as pure damage". Is the ability still planned to be added to game? If so, is it stackable (hope not, group of 10 clerics would one shot marked enemy with one strong aoe enemy nuke)? Does health removal ability of Warlock armour (paying mana price in health) trigger it too? Is it purgeable ?

    Does dual wielding scimicars apply block bonus from both hands? Does natural shield +6% block only work on one OR shield? Does Shields up ability (double block chance) have any cap, lets say 75% ?

    Do abilities like Battle jump also benefit from passive talents like Two hands style and Two hand mastery if used with 2 h weapon, or is it reserved only for abilities, that have also weapon component in it (like Swipe which states that "enemies take your regular attack damage") --> aka is there difference between spell and attack (like spell is bonus damage and attack damage is from weapon only)? Sorry if it´s dumb question.

    Btw Im super happy one can remove/purge magical protections like Protection from Acid and that passive poison immunity from passive talent tree dissapeared ❤ And is procentual poison damage from poisoned status lowered with poison resistance? It is, right? And thanks for bleed effect on spells.

    About immunity to Frightened status from passive tree - isnt there any other solution? Unremovable immunity of any kind doesn´t seem very nice. How about lowering status power instead. In Pillars of Eternity there were always three tiers of affliction, in case of Resolve it was Shakened, Frightened, Terrified - all did similar thing but with growing effect.

    Thank you and sorry if these were already answered.

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    Ok, I'll try to answer:

    Bond of Agony does not stack, since it is a debuff. We don't know how it interacts with Warlock Armor. It doesn't look like it is purgeable. Lasts 10 secs and costs 500 mana though.

    You can't dual wield at the moment.

    Ability damage and weapon damage are separated. Battle jump is not influenced by the 2h talents.

    The damage of poison is calculated as usual, based either on the % or the min/max value. After that, it is scaled by your poison resistance.

    Frightened status is caused by a very limited amount of effects. It makes sense to provide immunity to it if you venture in an hybrid tree (which are most of a cost than venturing into a regular one).

  • @spoletta Thanks for info;

    btw to Frightened - yep, it takes a lot of points and is quite situational, but -200 all resists, -20% DMG and Cha=5 on enemy is super worth it. Even if you maxed all passive saves (dex/forti/will), -200 all still beats it, reducing charisma also hurts enemy save chances and his mana as well. If Frightened immunity stays in game, Im taking this passive for every build.

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