[Town] 2 Personal claims taken by same person

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    We have in town two 2x2 Claims that has the same owner.


    The one with the blue house symbol is the old plot from first days, where I got Co-Owner rights. This one our Citizen lost, I think in reason of the purge of citzien in the second day.
    He took the Plot next to his old one, because he could not take the previous one.
    Now both plots are taken by him, even if he just has access to the new one. The old plot with the blue symbol can't get removed by him nor by me as governor.

    I want to free the space there, but i can't for this reason. And we will need the space for more personal plots, since we suffer from a Prestige bug and we will need every empty Space to be able to reach 2600 at the end. Otherwise we will never reach the highest rank, even if we want.

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