Feedback After 50 hours : From young hero to hero fall in war


    Hello @Prometheus,
    Here my feedback after more than 50 hours of game on closed beta :

    First you didn't lose the ambiance of the first day of the Alpha 🙂 That's good.

    The tutorial and the young system seems good since it protect the toon and let him "learn at his pace".
    One thing : the wagon need also to be protected as a thing of the youngster. To the thief : It's only for 40h nothing to fear. Why ? Because a youngster can't retaliate.

    The building process is long and need hard-workers, you see a big help and a big enthusiasm to create something together. That's good.
    They're also some buggy things like building a wall and be stuck IN it (thx relocate :D)

    The travel : Right a map in game is better (I remember first day when I coordinated a jpg map).
    Some improvement possible I think :
    1 - On the map : an icon for your campfire (like house and wagons)
    2 - On the map : the possibilities to the player to put some interest points (like "Here some black widow")
    3 - When we use auto-run, it would be good if we could use the mouse to open and look windows without changing the auto-run cap. It's very annoying. You could use a key to "block the cap" after the auto-run activated (or a second auto-run type mode) and all other keys triggers from auto-run to normal run.

    Hunting : Solo and pve : nice work, we could understand by experience which monster could be take on solo or need to be killed in team (or which one could be taken in solo with a better stuff and skill). The joy of improvement is here.

    Housing : Good thing, it's heavy on gold to youngster, like a dream but when you have it : it's "warm and cozy".
    I had some problem's with fence. Some was possible to put and some was blocked because it was "on the street" I think is a conflict between the path and the parcel.
    Funny thing : I have a bear who want to kiss me every time I want to go out or in my house... ti ringrazio per questo orso che si mettere da solo sul mio barbecue 😁

    Canal in game : I'm ok with the different canal, but I need to think to clic on the canal and not using "/command".

    Ma adesso ed a questo punto penso che non sarò "allineato buono" :

    Canal in game : There some players using insult and trash-talking. I don't know it they're sanctions, but if they're... you must communicate on they're case. I'm not sure the game take a good path if the canal is not "policed".

    War : I was in the yesterday night war at 3am (see my bug report on this forum). First of all, in defender we put all we need to defend, but I think the result is too punishing. I understand that is a beta. But in my opinion in a alpha and more than in a beta, it's for testing mechanic, make feedback and by anything else be fair-play. It's not what I pass trough yesterday night.
    It's a thing to participate at the big bug quest and it's another thing to be overwhelming destroyed in 10 minutes and losing at less 700hours of hardworking team in this period of time (life is harsh but this is a game). This is not good. At less put a break at this, if not, some beta players will not play anymore, it's not the time to have a bad reputation on the internet.

    To this war mode I have some suggestion :
    First, suspend the "Siege War" until the first phase of engagement will be resolute : defender and attacker will be teleported automatically in there camp and neutral will be teleported out the frontline. It's a prerequisite to the following.
    Second, when the Siege War begins, let 5 minutes to defender to check the gates : no attacker and no defender are allowed to go in or out the cities. After this 5 minutes start the true war.
    Third and last point : I was killed on the cities in front of the flag in the first seconds, I re-spawned on the city-hall, and was instantly killed by a thief. And other defender also. The tent and the city hall must be pvp off ! If not how we could use the war chest ?

    Last but not least : The attacker were tricky but also well stuffed with big skill (they played and farmed hard no doubt). I don't know the gap between T1 and T2 but what we see yesterday is hard. Our warriors couldn't scratch there opponent life, or little by little. We see thief walking faster than a running horse this gap is normal at this game point ?

    This is my feedback @Prometheus ^^ I hope some of my call will be understood.

    Have a nice day, to you and you're team.
    Belgan The Wise

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    Thanks for the post, I would propose the following simple fixes.

    At the start of a siege, the attackers must be near the attacker's tent and the defenders in front of their war chest.
    Those that are not there when the siege start are not registered as attackers and defenders and so cannot participate.

    On the gear. The gear advantage isn't huge, but you need to know what you are figthing. Trying to take down someone in plate with physical damage will not result in any effect.

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