Questions ... Questions ... Questions

  • ok, not so many, but some 😉

    1.) We can imbue gems. We can imbue armor, weapons and "jewelry". But we CANNOT apply such imbued gems to a socket. Will this be possible in future, or will it be changed completely?

    2.) Now the recipes are in the game. Or they should be in the game .. They can drop - but only rarely. You provided us with a tier-table and the chances to drop. But which monster, enemy, foe has which tier? (Just a guess: Rabbit:1, Fox: 2, Young wolf: 3 aso asf ??) It would be great to provide us with a guideline.

    3.) When will it be possible to craft f.e. armor with a better quality then "normal"? -> I didn't find or see ANY Tailor Benches capable of more than "Normal" quality,

    That's all folks. And I want to appologize, if this questions have already been asked and answered in other threads - but I didn't find any. Thank you!


    #3 might be fixed with the update today that adds recipes

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