This weekend report.

  • First off I am old (69) and have not played MMO for awhile. I found that there should be better hints as to what and how to do things. I also had a problem with getting the large map often. I would get a fault and get kicked out. I am in the usa. Don't know if that makes a difference. I also lost silver I was carrying when I lost connection.


    Early stage of game development 🙂


    Welcome back to the genre ! The down side of alpha games is that they are rough and information usually has to be collected and dispersed by the players via forums and wiki's meaning users need to search for answers there. We have a pretty good group and make posts on the forum and wiki, so the information is available, if not convenient.
    The world map glitch is some disconnect between the game programing and the interpretation of some graphics cards, likely to be dealt with before release.
    The up side of alpha games is that you get to play them while they are in development and not just once they are completed, which means you can alter the game through feedback.

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