Autistic son in tears because he cannot understand why he cannot play - rewording *NEEDED!*

  • To the developers and community management of Fractured Online:

    I personally know how Alphas and Beta testings and Founder systems work - having been in a few myself.

    I personally understand that the game is not available to play without purchasing a Founder Pack.

    My 12 year old Autistic son, however - for obvious reasons - cannot understand why he cannot play concerning the screenshots i will list below.

    He told me there was a new Free to play game available and asked if he could install it - he was already on the PLAY page of the website and so at a glance I also believed the game to be freely available so i installed the client for him.

    Now he is having an Autistic Meltdown and will be inconsolable for the next 2 or more hours - and there is nothing i can do about this - and nothing i expect you to do about it (concerning this personal instance)

    However - what i heavily suggest is that you reword the information listed under the PLAY tag on the web site - here are the screenshots for context. 2021-12-17 16.48.07.png?dl=0 2021-12-17 16.37.09.png?dl=0 2021-12-17 16.39.42.png?dl=0

    As you can see - the first two screenshots clearly state that you can play this game now to those people who either click through tabs without reading or those (like my son) who have Mental and emotional capacity issues.

    My son broke down once i explained the final screenshot to him (after i went back and read the full information on the website) that the game is not yet fully available and that I would need to pay - at least middle tier - to give him instant and direct access...

    However - on the Founder's page it states that there is currently no testing available until Q1 2022.

    I am making you aware that you should most definitely reword the information under the PLAY Tab so other people - like my son, etc can avoid the situation of which i am currently in!

    Thank you

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    I can confirm that the game is currently unavailable, and that to play you need at the least the second tier package (maybe first tier if the next test is finally a Beta, but we don't know yet).

    I can also attest that this isn't the first case in these days of someone misunderstanding the current state of the game, so indeed there should be better indications.

  • at least it wasn't an isolated situation 🙂 and my son has calmed down now (thank the universe!) as i assured him i will get it next round

    thank you


    I noticed that as well, sorry that your son had a melt down, glad he's all good now.
    I'm not sure when they changed it but about a year ago you would be prompted with a page specifying that the game is not accessible until the next play test BEFORE even being able to install the game.
    I can see why this keeps happening to people, hopefully they correct it soon.


    Still according to the FAQ this game is shaping up to not be free to play in the slightest to begin with

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    The game was never meant to be F2P, it has always been a buy to play.


    @spoletta see I was under the impression the game itself was F2P but the Paid VIP Status gives perks and more access. Kind of like Runescape.

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