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  • Hi guys,

    anyone ever used Barbed skin? Looks like interesting ability, but not quite sure what it does. In description it says "Whenever a creature hits you at melee range" it takes damage.

    Does it mean that getting hit in melee range (cca 1-3m from target) releases barbs in all directions (with barb range of melee attack) after being hit? Does enemy get hit by barbs if equipped with bow / mage staff / whatever ranged weapon when he hits me in melee range? Do spells that hit you also count as hit if casted at melee range ? Can barb hit crit ? Can it be blocked (being physical attack) and can it be dodged (if is it spell)? Does my block count as hit from enemy for purpose of procing barb hit ? Can hit of my barb proc Barbed skin on enemy using Barbed skin ability in melee? Is the "melee range" range of my melee weapon or that of my enemy, or what exact range it is?

    Thank you.

  • Moderator

    I've had to fight the sproutling which used this skilll, so I think I can answer a few of your questions.
    When you hit someone with a melee weapon that has the barbed skin, you get hit by the barbs. They hit only you, they don't shoot all around. The range of the melee weapon doesn't matter. If you hit with a melee weapon, you get hit by the barbs, simple. I managed to fight them by using spells and ranged weapons in melee range, in which case, the barbed skin doesn't hit you.
    Barbed skin cannot critically hit, you cannot dodge it since it is not a melee attack, and can't block it since it is not a projectile or a melee attack. As the spell description says though, you can limit the effects with an evasion save.

  • @spoletta Thanks for detailed answer; but according to description evasion should only save me from the bleeding part od spell. However if it´s melee only, it doesnt matter.

    Thank you and have a nice day.

  • Moderator

    The bleeding part is the most important part of the spell. INT *6 piercing damage is something around 60 damage on many targets.
    Bleeding does around 80 pure every second.

  • @spoletta Yep, but if it cannot stack and only work on melee, its hard pass 😞

  • Moderator

    The mana cost is high, but the effect if fairly powerful.
    Works very well with bloodlust.

  • @spoletta yep, but as you say mana cost is pretty big for something usable only against melee; bleeding strike on 2nd weapon slot for 0 mana or maybe some Eviscerate (which doesnt require medium armour) looks more like it; but depends what the meta will be - chainmail looks nice except crushing damage, wonder whether one can tank in medium armour or heavy will be necessary.

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    I tanked quite well in leather armor, but it was a quite peculiar build. Bleeding strike is nice, but it requires a slashing or piercing weapon, so it was a bit hard to put into a build.

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